CDL 6 Hours Preparation Course Class B-Truck, P-Bus, S-Bus


The objective of this preparation course is to prepare a person needing to brush up for the CDL exam or employer’s driver test and to successfully pass the Commercial Driver’s License skills Exam (Road Test). (Course consists of: 4 hours prepping 2 hours for the test)

The individual must have a “Learners Permit” (Original) in his\her possession before taking the preparation.

This Course is completed in (6 Hours)

Product Description

Hands on in vehicle preparation provides the student in-vehicle coverage of the essentials skills needed to successfully pass the Commercial Driver’s License skills exam.
This preparation course does not accredit an individual as a professional commercial driver.
The following exercises will be covered prior to the CDL EXAM:

  • Vehicle Pre-Trip inspection procedures
  • 4 step air brake check procedures
  • Straight line backing 100 feet.
  • Offset backing right
  • Offset backing left
  • Parallel parking – Driver side
  • Parallel parking – Conventional / Blinde side
  • Alley dock parking
  • Vehicle control
  • Third Party Administered CDL Class B, P-bus or S-bus Skills Exam