Click here for help in entering data. The Retirement System retains no record of estimates produced by this calculator. By using the "Retirement Calculator" through MyTRS, you ... • A TRS member with at least three years of service with TRS may transfer any service credit with the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) to TRS and retire from TRS based on the total amount of service credit. Nor is there any guarantee that the estimate calculated will be received by the user. Retirement Account (RA) – This is created on your 55th birthday Employees' Retirement System The resources and information provided here are tailored for employers of participating agencies to ensure accurate and timely retirement reporting. Ordinary Account (OA) – This is meant for housing, insurance, investment and education Special Account (SA) – This is meant for old age and investment in retirement-related financial products Medisave Account (MA) – This is meant for expenses in hospitalisation and other approved medical insurances. The calculator uses your salary and service credit information to create an estimate based on the date of retirement you select (you have to be eligible to retire on that date). To estimate your pension, please use your member statement to select your choices. However, those in the Big Apple have their own retirement system called the New York City Teachers’ Retirement System. This benefit tier list applies to the three retirement systems above: the PFRS, ERS and NYSTRS. Accordingly, no estimate produced by this calculator shall be in any way binding upon the Retirement System, which has sole authority under law to determine your retirement benefits. Box 40187 Portland, OR 97240 PERS Health Insurance Program (800) 768-7377 (toll-free) P.O. The Saver’s Credit is a great way for low- and moderate-income individuals or couples to save for retirement while also saving money on their taxes. The credit is worth a maximum of $1,000 ($2,000 if you file jointly) and there are three tiers of the credit. We encourage you to share this information with your staff who enroll employees into the ERS or who convey benefit information to staff.

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