It is our believe that getting you ready for your CDL or Motorcycle Endorsement is much more successful and effective if we surround you with the best of human values; reason why we strongly strive to incorporate principles like respect, trust, ethics, collaboration, honesty, safety and tolerance into our communications with the students. By putting quality over quantity, we achieve the best customer service you can get in the friendliest environment possible. Our idea is to make you feel at home while you are getting the best instructional and practical training in the area.

This is about you and how we can better assist you in becoming the best prepared driver. That is why we are so focused on listening and understanding your needs, offering you a highly flexible schedule, very affordable rates that are oriented to fit your budget, and comprehensive classes that promote interaction with others without overlooking the personalized attention. We work with small groups of students that allow us to monitor each individual performance, while at the same time, we encourage exchange of experiences, challenges and questions. Our involvement in the industry and in the teaching process has demonstrated us how important it is to learn from others; the more information you know, the better you can manage or deal with any particular situation on the road.

Besides that, we make it possible for students to be trained in one of the most spread-out driving ranges in the city, bringing students comfort, self-assurance and over all, wide visibility to better support you in your driving maneuvers and techniques.