CDL Pre-Trip Inspection VIDEO


CDL Pre Trip Inspection Class A – Tractor Trailer VIDEO is designed to help you learn the proper techniques to pass the Pre-Trip Inspection section of the CDL Skills Test (Class A – Tractor Trailer). The VIDEO uses a vehicle representative of the vehicle, which would be used to take the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test. As with most tests, the way that you present the required information to the examiner is key to successfully passing the test.

The purpose of the Pre-Trip Inspection is to be able to do a thorough safety inspection on a commercial vehicle before heading out onto the highway. The Pre-Trip Inspection Test is an important part of the CDL Skills Test and one of the toughest state tests to master. Mainly impart because it involves memorization of many items and their condition in a commercial motor vehicle.

During the Pre-Trip Inspection Test, you must show that you have the knowledge and skills to properly inspect your vehicle before you take it out onto the highway. You will have to walk around the vehicle and recite to the Examiner what you are checking and why. In order to get credit for an item you must name, point\touch each item and adequately describe what you are checking the item for.