CDL Class A 80 Hours Intermediate
Tractor Trailer – Certification Course

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This course consists of 80 clock hours


This Course is completed in 2 weeks (full time)

Welcoming Orientation:

  • Orientation and introductions
  • CDL Rules & Regulations
  • DOT FMCSR Rules & Regulations

Emergency Maneuvers:
OBJECTIVE: To introduce the skills necessary to safely carry out appropriate responses when faced with emergencies.

Skid Control and Recovery:
OBJECTIVE: To introduce the causes of skids and jackknifing accidents skid prevention and recovery.

Preventive Maintenance:
OBJECTIVE: To introduce the students to the basic servicing and checking procedures for various engine and vehicle components.

Handling Cargo:
OBJECTIVE: To give the student the basic understanding of the importance of handling cargo, methods of cargo securement, weight distribution, safe loading responsibilities and common tools used to load/unload a vehicle.

Cargo Documentation:
OBJECTIVE: To give the student the basic understanding of the terms or definitions most commonly used with cargo documentation and the basic forms used for pickup or delivery procedures.

Hazardous Materials:
OBJECTIVE: To introduce students to what a hazardous material is, when a haz_mat endorsement is needed, different hazard classes and divisions of hazardous materials. What purpose the shipping papers have and precautions that must be taken when loading or unloading haz_mat.

Hours of Service\Log Books Recording:
OBJECTIVE: To enable students to understand the basic concepts and requirements of the federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations-Part 395, “Hours of Service Regulations” and to develop the ability to complete a driver’s daily log and logbook recap.

Trip Planning:
OBJECTIVE: To enable students to learn how to plan and what things should be taken into consideration when planning trips and pickups routes.

Accident Procedures:
OBJECTIVE: To introduce the skills necessary to follow the procedures imposed by safety and legality at an accident scene, and to properly report accidents.

Personal Health & Safety:
OBJECTIVE: To introduce students to the dangers of driving fatigue, the effects of alcohol or substance on the human body and their consequences.

In Vehicle Activities:

  • Pre-Trip inspections Procedures
  • Coupling and Uncoupling Procedures
  • Backing and Parking Maneuvers Procedures
  • Urban, Rural Driving and Shifting Techniques

CDL Skills Exam Certification:

  • Pre-Trip Section
  • Skills Section
  • Road Section